November 22, 2010

Robert Siegel - Dreams Come True

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Be fortified with renewed resolution and release your resourcefulness to surmount any life challenge. Sense your strong, positive conviction: You can achieve your dreams!

This Hypnosis session is a 16 minutes adventure in guided imagery that combines the pioneering hypnosis strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Having been a professional hypnotherapist for many years, and aware of the many styles and interpretations of hypnosis, Robert's presentation is of the magic storyteller - entertaining, captivating, and mesmerizing. Included are all the ideal components for creating in the listener numerous potentials for learning and change.

These programs are not the "run of the mill" standardized processes that seem to proliferate, which thus insures Robert's place as a highly talented
and creative hypnotic author."
- Nathan Marika

Robert's innovative and imaginative incorporation of Ericksonian technique make for some outstanding self-help tapes! The soothing sound of his voice combined with the soft sounds of nature is fantastic! I'll spread the word as best I can about the pearls of wisdom and adventure Robert has to offer!
- Daniel Lutzker

Robert's work is of exceptional quality - both his originally conceived, well written scripts, and great sound files. I would highly recommend his programs to anyone interested in self-improvement, whether they are experienced in the field of hypnosis or novices.

The power of Ericksonian hypnosis is not to be underestmated and Robert's programs are a wonderful use of Erickson's strategies, and are particularly potent. I am sure you will find this when you listen to one of his programs.
- Andrew Ager

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