March 23, 2011

Robert Siegel - Super Learning

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Recapture the excitement of the learning adventure and finally realize your infinite learning potential!

This Hypnosis session is a 15 minutes adventure in guided imagery that combines the pioneering hypnosis strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Having been a professional hypnotherapist for many years, and aware of the many styles and interpretations of hypnosis, Robert's presentation is of the magic storyteller - entertaining, captivating, and mesmerizing. Included are all the ideal components for creating in the listener numerous potentials for learning and change.

Imagine the possibilities... For what's even more amazing than your 100 billion brain cells is the number of connections possible between them. For each of these 100 billion neurons can grow up to 20,000 branches or dendrites - a mind-boggling number because this means that the capacity of your brain is virtually unlimited! There are more possible interconnections in your brain than the number of atoms in the entire universe!

Most of us utilize only a small fraction of our brain's capacity. It's not our fault. Our brain's passionate desire to make sense of a rich environment, to search for it's own personal meaning, has often been stifled within us. For in school, our brains were often forced to use limiting modes of expression. We acquired bits and pieces of information, without any attempt to synthesize these into any real understanding but solely to provide the 'right' answers and achieve our grades.

You need to get rid of this 'alien' programming - unworthy of a high-born adventurer! - and recapture the open mind, fresh senses and exploratory excitement of the child - reclaiming your true heritage as a star traveler - roaming the infinite expanses of your brain!

'I'm a high school teacher, and your learning program has profoundly affected my approach to teaching social studies. Too often the students have been spoon-fed course curriculums they are only too happy to forget after passing the exams. They have often been bored and apathetic, since learning has been disassociated from any real relevance to their lives.
Although I was aware that much of the educational process stifled the children's natural inquisitiveness, your motivational program provided me the courage and initiative to make major changes in the classroom.
Since awakening my students' natural desire to discover personal meaning in a subject, as well as their capacity for 'radiant' thinking, the results have been nothing short of amazing. I've seen a vast increase in their ability to learn, and most important, an enhanced enjoyment of the learning experience. It's a pleasure to see the absorbed look of rapt attention on my students' faces. They're now posing more insightful questions, which has challenged me to be more prepared in the classroom.
I believe that if all teachers (and students) experienced your motivational learning program, there would be a quantum leap in the educational level in this country!.'

F. C. - Des Moines, Iowa

'I'm a short story writer, and your inspirational program provided me a sort of inner release, a sense I could finally let go of my analytical left brain - the 'inner critic' that hampered my writing in the past. My conscious mind became clear of any preconceived, conventional way of perceiving reality, and I felt a new faith that my creative talent was pushing up through the surface of my mind and ready to flow.
I simply couldn't help conceiving new ideas and found myself feverishly jotting down notes in the midst of conversation, when eating in restaurants and other inopportune moments. My dreams are more vivid and memorable, and constantly inspire new ideas for my stories.
I highly recommend your learning tape to anyone who desires to break through any inhibitions, and release his/her more intuitive, creative right brain capabilities.'

C. L. - Seattle, Washington

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